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The company primary contact or administrator can add an employee to the company roster by navigating to the company management page, scrolling down to company employees, and clicking on “Add Employee”. If the employee has already set up a portal profile, search by their last name or email and simply click “Save”. They employee will receive an email asking them to confirm their employment.  If the employee has not set up a profile, there is a link on the pop-up for the admin to provide information regarding the employee and hit “Save”.  The employee will appear on the company roster once the page is refreshed.  

Removing an employee from your company record can only be done by someone with an administrative role or by the employee themselves.  From the company management page, the administrator should scroll down to “company employees”, find the individual they wish to remove and click “Edit”.  A pop-up will appear.  Click on “Remove Contact”, and confirm when prompted.

The company primary contact controls access to the company profile.  They can either maintain the company information themselves or they can delegate that right to an employee of their company or their chapter executive.  To delegate that authority, navigate to the company management page, and go to “Administrative Roles”. On the right-hand side, there is a drop down menu of portal roles. First select “Chapter Executive/Admin” then click on the red plus sign. A pop-up box will appear that will allow you to search by email or last name for the individual who is to be assigned administrative rights.  Once the correct individual has been found, click “Save” and the person will appear under the company administrative roles list.   

Membership in SMACNA is at the organization/company level.  Therefore, to obtain member benefits, you must link your account with your employer’s account.  From the My Profile page, click on “My Employer”.  From here, you can add or update your employer.  Please note, the process is not complete until your employers’ administrator or primary contact confirms your employment status.   

From the My profile page, click on “My Employer”.  From here, you can add or update your employer.  Please note, the process is not complete until your employers’ administrator or primary contact confirms your employment status.   The company’s administrator can also initiate the process of adding an individual as an employee through their company management page.

From “My Profile”, click on the “Manage My Addresses” tab.  From here, you can add or edit any address within your profile.  Please note, editing an individual’s business address record will not update the company’s business address.  That can only be done by a company administrator from the company management page. 

To make registering for an event with guests easier, an individual can add a spouse, child or guest directly to their profile.. From the “My Profile” page, click on the “My Family & Friends” tab.  From here you can add or delete people from your profile. 

There are several quick and easy ways to sign-in to the SMACNA portal if you have already established a SMACNA account.  First, you may sign-in with your portal credentials.  Please note, that if this is your first time signing in since June 5, 2024, you may be asked to update your password.  Since upgrading our portal to improve security of your information, our password requirements have changed.  If you have forgotten your password, two options for signing in still exist.  The first is to have a one-time passcode emailed to you that will allow you one-time access without updating your information.  Additionally, you can click on “Forgot Password” and an email will be sent to you asking you to reset your password.

In a few rare cases, individuals who are logging into the portal for the first time since June 5, 2024, may have difficulty resetting/retrieving their password.  If this is you, we recommend clicking on “Join Now” button and using the email address of your current portal account.  This process will retrieve your account and send an email to you allowing you to reset your password. 

If none of the above works for you, please use the chat-bot to contact a SMACNA employee.  The chat-bot is staffed from 9a.m. to 5p.m. eastern, Monday through Friday. You may also email

Invoices are available through the portal.  From your portal home page, you can navigate to the “Billing Center” using the menu on the left-hand side.  Within the Billing Center are copies of pending invoices, if any, and past billing history.  To view an invoice, click on the Invoice number.  Invoices can be printed or emailed from the billing center. 

Additionally, event registration receipts are available under “Events” and “My Events”.  To access these, locate  the event in the list shown under upcoming or completed and click on the “View Receipt” button the right-hand side of the screen. 

Upcoming and past event registrations for individuals is available for viewing in “My Events” located under the “Events” on the left-hand menu of your portal home page.   Here, events are listed as either upcoming or completed.  Individuals can see event details or view a copy of their receipt for each event they have registered for. 

After logging in to the SMACNA Portal, individuals may register for SMACNA events by going to the “Event Catalog” located under “Events” on the left-hand side of the profile page.  From here you will be able to see event descriptions and link to event registration pages without having to manually navigate back to the SMACNA website. 

Individuals who frequently purchase items from SMACNA or register for events can save payment methods to their profile to speed up and simplify check-out. To save payment information, go to “Account Settings” from the portal home page, and click on the “Manage Saved Payment” tab.  From there, you can enter credit card details or set up an ACH (bank wire) transaction, or both, and select a default method.  Please note, the payment details are tokenized, meaning the payment details are not saved to SMACNA’s records but are saved at the banking institution level maintaining PCI compliance.   

First, thank you for volunteering for a SMACNA Committee.  SMACNA truly relies on its members to be able to serve the industry.  Individuals can view their present and past committees under the “Committees” page of the portal.  Navigate there using the menu on the left-hand side of the portal page.  A list of all active committees will appear under “My Committees”.  To view committee details including a current roster, scroll down to “View Committee Page” and select the committee from the drop-down menu.  Your role on the committee and join date will appear below on the left.  Additionally, any records for the committee as well as a full roster will appear below on the right.  Note, for larger committees, you may have to page over to view all committee members.  Finally, if you recently volunteered for a SMACNA committee, that will be reflected in the “Pending Committee” tab of the Committee page.  Please note that unless a position is being filled off-schedule, committee appointments are typically made by the SMACNA president at SMACNA’s July Board meeting with an effective date following SMACNA’s fall convention. 

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning industry is large and diverse, covering everything from industrial to commercial to architectural work and so much more, with many niche companies doing very specialized work.  The more SMACNA can know about its contractors and the people who work for them, the better we can serve you and the industry.  Financial and demographic information about our members and contributors allows the labor and legislative departments to better advocate on the industry’s behalf, and the technical and educational efforts to be tailored to meet the contractors’ needs.  Further, it allows us to target information, news and updates to the correct audience, removing unneeded information from your inbox. 

Individuals can personalize their information preferences by going to “My Profile” and selecting the “Additional Information” tab.  From here, you will be able to select the types of emails, such as newsletters, you would like to receive from SMACNA or its third-party affiliates.  Additionally, by telling SMACNA about your functional role, background, and areas of political engagement, you assist SMACNA in ensuring timely and relevant information gets to you. 

Knowing your gender, preferred pronouns and education helps SMACNA staff in addressing you in a respectful and appropriate manner, regardless of whether that staff person has had the pleasure of meeting you in person or not.   This information is optional, and no one is required to provide it if they do not wish to do so.  However, as it can be difficult to know an individual’s gender based on a given name, we appreciate the assistance.  Also, don’t forget to tell us about your nickname in your profile information if you prefer to be addressed as something other than your given name. 

Education and functional role information helps us develop education offerings for our members and contributors as we learn more about our likely audience.  It also helps us direct specialized information to the appropriate individuals within a company so that emails on new employment laws, for example, go to the HR person and not an estimator.    

SMACNA National staff can see individual and company’s full records.  The company and Chapter Executives of a company’s chapter(s) can also see a roster record on any of its employees including the title, role and contact information.  Committee members will also see the personal, contact and bio information (that information is located under the “Profile Information” tab of an individual’s “My Profile” page) of those who they serve on a committee with.  Members with member access can search for other individuals, but generally only company contact information will be available.  To the public, only company information is searchable/viewable.  Please see SMACNA’s Privacy policy for more information. 

For additional support or questions, please use the chat-bot to contact a SMACNA employee.  The chat-bot is staffed from 9a.m. to 5p.m. eastern, Monday through Friday. You may also email Thank you!