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SMACNA Urges Congress to Continue Funding Efficiency Upgrades

Letter to Congressional Appropriators asks that they honor the recently passed bipartisan budget agreement funding clean energy tax incentives, energy efficiency, and sustainable infrastructure programs across the Federal Government’s Fiscal Year 2024 programs.

SMACNA has sent a letter to the leaders of the Congressional Committees on Appropriations urging that they pass a spending package honoring the recently passed and signed into law bipartisan budget agreement. Further, SMACNA asked Congress to continue the approved funding levels for HVAC retrofits, IAQ, energy efficiency, and resilient infrastructure programs across the Federal Government’s Fiscal Year 2024 programs.

In the letter to the House and Senate, Stan Kolbe, SMACNA’s Executive Director of Government and Political Affairs, stated that “upgrading and maintaining the grid and related technology for large public and private energy users can reduce grid demand stress and energy costs.” Kolbe continued, calling on Congress to “honor its commitment to fund these energy efficient programs across the Federal Government. This policy consistency will ensure that the US remains economically competitive while driving greater efficiency across all systems.”

Within SMACNA’s message was the citation of a report from the American Clean Power Association (ACP), which has detailed over $270 billion in capital investment announced for utility-scale clean energy projects and manufacturing facilities since last August alone. SMACNA contractors have witnessed tangible benefits from this increased manufacturing production.

SMACNA believes that Congress should continue to advance focused tax initiatives and investment to boost private sector efficiency upgrades that can benefit overall productivity. By providing these resources, American businesses can enhance their competitiveness through the increased availability of resilient and inexpensive energy sources.

Review SMACNA’s letter to appropriators on maintaining efficiency funding within the FY 2024 budget.