SMOHIT Partners With Video Wellness Platform

Wellbeats Wellness offers members high quality, expert-led fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes that can be played on mobile devices.

SMOHIT members can now take advantage of Wellbeats Wellness, an on-demand video streaming platform with high-quality, expert-led fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes you can play on mobile devices. Some of the various service offerings provided by Wellbeats include:

  • 1,200+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes for all ages, levels, abilities, and interests
  • Classes such as yoga, strength training, HIIT, running/walking, meditation, mental wellness, healthy recipes, cycling, kickboxing, kids activities, and cooking education
  • Goal-based programs with guided plans to keep you on track, such as Get Started, Train Your Way to a 5K, Lose Weight, Build Strength, Daily Mobility, Healthy Back, Stress Less, and Nourish Your Everyday
  • Short stretch breaks and exercises to recharge during the day
  • Personalized class and program recommendations
  • Personal statistics and automated reminders
  • Social features to schedule classes, and invite others to join, and chat in real-time.

Take a moment to read more about Wellbeats and learn how you can enroll for their service.