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BE4ALL Toolbox Talk #5: Support Safety

By giving your new coworkers support on the jobsite, you can contribute to a working environment where everyone can go home after the work day.

BE4ALL is launching its fifth Toolbox Talk, Support Safety. This edition focuses on encouraging co-workers to be assertive in welcoming new hires to the team and using that moment as an opportunity to help build a strong safety culture.

Getting a new employee started on the right foot is critical. Statistics indicate that up to 60% of all job injuries occur to new employees with less than six months of experience on the job. Repeated, friendly reminders of safety procedures and work rules by a mentor can significantly reduce the chance of an accident with the new employee. Often, new employees will only think of questions after working a few days and begin to understand the job requirements more thoroughly. As a co-worker, making yourself available to answer questions shows your willingness to provide a safe workplace for everyone involved.

By taking an early investment in a new hire, you can set them on the course of preventing injuries and keeping everyone happy and productive in an environment where everyone’s contributions feel valued.

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