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BE4ALL Toolbox Talk #4: Active Caring

Latest BE4ALL Toolbox Talk is meant to help employees build thriving and supportive connections with their coworkers.

The fourth BE4ALL Toolbox Talk, Active Caring, is now available to be shared at your workplace. This Toolbox Talk is meant to create an atmosphere where employees can build an environment where they take an active role in the wellbeing of their teammates. This tool will illustrate ways that you can invest in your coworkers in ways that will improve the overall climate within the jobsite. Some of the ideas discussed in the Toolbox Talk include how to be open minded during personal discussions, and actively engaging with your teammates through simple acts such as inviting them to join you for a coffee.

If you have any questions regarding this Toolbox Talk, please contact Jen Squirewell. Take a moment to review this Toolbox Talk.