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Toolbox Talk: Being A Good Crewmate

Learn more about how to build a workplace culture where members can look to have at least one person who has impacted their careers through mentorship and other means of support.

SMACNA and SMART are re-releasing the Toolbox Talk titled “On Being A Good Crewmate.”

Our trade relies heavily on teamwork; employees must have each other’s backs. Helping when you notice someone struggling or speaking up when you see unfair treatment can make a difference in someone’s career and boost job site morale. Especially when someone is new to the trade, hazing or isolation on a job site will not be tolerated and can be very distracting and dangerous, leading to workplace injuries and a hostile work environment. Unfortunately, this is also why many individuals have left or are considering leaving this great trade.

This is why it is important that employees focus on being not just crewmates but good crewmates. 

Actual data shows that new employees, including apprentices, who receive support and mentorship are twice as likely to complete their training and remain successfully employed. A positive work environment has been shown to alleviate stress not only on the job site but in other areas of life.

The benefits of having at least one person in their career who has stood up for them provided formal or informal mentorship or has been there in times of crisis or need are immeasurable. Having someone’s back can be small but can have a significant impact.

Take a moment to read the Toolbox Talk (English version) – (Spanish version