U.S. Department of Labor Releases $200 Million for Registered Apprenticeships

Funding will be made available through grants that will be made available according to geography.

The Department of Labor has made $200 million available to expand registered apprenticeships. Funding will be available through the Apprenticeship Building America Grant Program and State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula Grants. The Apprenticeship Building America Grant Program seeks to leverage Registered Apprenticeship as a workforce solution while ensuring that people from underrepresented and underserved communities can access high-quality training and pre-apprenticeships that lead directly to enrollment in a Registered Apprenticeship program. 

Grants will be made available on a geographic basis through three categories:

  1. Category 1 – Ensuring equitable registered apprenticeship program pathways and partnerships through pre-apprenticeship leading to registered apprenticeship enrollment;
  2. Category 2 – Creation of education system-aligned pre-apprenticeship programs and Registered Apprenticeship programs; and
  3. Category 3 – registered apprenticeship hubs.

Click here to apply and learn more about the second round of Apprenticeship Building America grants. Additionally, you can learn more here about the State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula grants.