Webinar: Courageous Conversations

By attending the May 16th event, you can learn more about the techniques that can be used to build inclusive teams through a culture of respect. 

Consider attending a webinar on May 16th titled Courageous Conversations. In sports, rarely does a top player become a great coach. But in business, we usually promote our best producers and assume they will be strong managers/leaders. We must have the intent to prepare them to “Be a Coach.” It’s a different mindset. In this interactive online workout, participants will: 

  • Discuss the transformation from being a top producer to being a coach. 
  • Discover people will let us coach them harder if they believe we care about them and want to see them succeed. 
  • Addressing having tough conversations begins with building trust with others day after day. Courageous Communication is a daily mindset. 
  • Learn the power of building inclusive teams with a culture of respect.

Click here to learn more about this session and to register.