Let’s Talk Shop Episode 13

How COVID Is Impacting Operations and Innovations for 2021


In Episode 13 of Let’s Talk Shop, host Angie Simon, CEO, Western Allied Mechanical, talks with Kevin Ginley, VP of commercial sales at Majestic Steel, and Brennan Hall, senior HVAC project manager at Johns Manville on how their companies have adapted to stay competitive amid COVID-19, the impact of the “V-shaped recovery,” and the forecast for 2021.

“Our operations teams, our plant teams, our supply chain teams, transportation, we really had to be very flexible. We have manufacturing facilities all over (North America),” says Hall. “We really, really doubled-down on our forecasting. We needed a more robust process (so) we put in a huge new process, included a lot more people, got lot more external sources brought in and really engaged our field salespeople,” Hall adds.

In terms of the forecast for 2021, Ginley observes that “right now, the big talk is not ‘what am I gonna pay for it?’ The question is ‘do I have this deal? Can I get that product? Can I get that air condiditoning unit? Is it in yet?’ That seems to be the gap and the anxiety that’s keeping people up at night. ‘Am I gonna have it?’ We’ve actually put people on allocation…making sure everyone has what they need.”

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