SMACNA Interview: Guy Gast and Angie Simon (New Horizons Foundation)

Guy Gast and Angie Simon joined Jeff Henriksen for a discussion about the New Horizons Foundation, its mission and how it serves members.

During SMACNA’s Convention in Colorado Springs, Jeff Henriksen, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, got a chance to sit down with the co-chairs of the foundation, Guy Gast and Angie Simon to discuss its mission and focus and the value it brings to members. As Guy Gast points out during the interview, the New Horizons foundation got its seed funding from SMACNA to start, but now it operates exclusively on donations over the past 20 years. Much of the research is sustained through endowments, donations from chapters, individuals, and companies.

Angie also mentioned New Horizons has done four Futures studies, published in 2008, 2012, 2016 and most recently 2022. The futures study shares future-focused trends that contractors should consider. Guy added that other recent reports include a risk profile for the industry that was produced by FMI. Both Angie and Guy go on to discuss innovation, succession planning, and innovation. To access the documents discussed in the video interview, visit New Horizons Foundation.