SMACNA Interview: Don Jackson

VP of Risk Management at W. Soule outlines work on megaprojects and talks about his company winning the 2022 SMACNA Safety Innovation Award.

Don Jackson, Vice President of Risk Management, joins SMACNA’s Seth Lennon at the 2022 SMACNA Annual Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During their discussion, Don and Seth discuss the overall business climate facing W. Soule. They also examine the scope of work that the company has undertaken – ranging from small ductwork on local businesses in Michigan to a megaproject involving a Chilean mine. Don and Seth also examine several of the safety innovations that are ongoing within W. Soule, and how listening to their workers helped build an exceptional company culture focused on safety. These efforts were recognized as W. Soule won the 2022 SMACNA’s Safety Innovation Award. Finally, Don goes into detail about how networking at the convention allows him to gain a fresh perspective on where the industry is going.