SMACNA Interview: Tony Kocurek and Joe Sellers

SMACNA President Tony Kocurek and SMART General President Joe Sellers set a positive tone for 2022 and beyond.

SMACNA President Tony Kocurek and Joseph Sellers, General President of SMART cover a variety of topics in a get acquainted conversation right after Tony Kocurek became SMACNA’s president during the 2022 SMACNA National Convention. Joe and Tony talk about several workforce development topics, using their shared experience of working their way up through the trades to form a foundation for their conversation. Joe and Tony also talk about increasing diversity in the sheet metal industry, as well as the value of a career in the skilled trades, especially compared to a traditional four-year college. The two take a moment to reiterate the value of the labor/management relationship and how important it is to maintain this partnership in moving the industry forward.