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June 2024 Update: State Legislative Activity

Learn more about how manufacturing construction is booming thanks to the CHIPS Act, the Commerce Department's effort to promote women in construction, and how members can support SMACPAC.  

Manufacturing Construction Booming Thanks to CHIPS Act

According to industry news outlet Construction Dive, spending in the manufacturing sector has ballooned since the CHIPS Act was signed into law in August 2022. Projects include everything from plants focused on chip fabrication and electric vehicle batteries to consumer goods and cars.

The U.S. continues to gain ground on other countries' manufacturing dominance a year after President Joe Biden signed the $52 billion CHIPS and Science Act in August 2022.

According to the White House, the renewed push to revive American manufacturing after decades of offshoring has led to over $866 billion in private company investment. The multibillion-dollar investments scattered across the country range from biotechnology facilities and chip fabrication plants to electric vehicle battery factories and clean energy projects.

Some major manufacturing projects launched recently include a $525 million Polar Semiconductor plant in Bloomington, Minnesota, a $294 million Boviet Solar manufacturing facility in Greenville, North Carolina, and a $140 million Green New Energy Materials project in Denver, North Carolina.

Commerce Department wants more women in construction

The US Commerce Department has called on the industry to invest in equitable hiring practices and supportive services to capitalize on the CHIPS and Science Act and other federal funding.

The Million Women in Construction initiative is a nationwide call to action for the construction industry – construction contractors, trade unions, and training institutions – to commit to bold steps that will ensure a robust and diverse workforce in the years ahead. It will be necessary to recruit, train, hire, and retain thousands of new and non-traditional workers – the next generation of skilled craft workers and leaders prepared to rebuild U.S. infrastructure and supply chains and complement Federal government investments.

Through the Million Women in Construction initiative, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has set the ambitious goal of doubling the number of women in the industry in ten years. In April 2024, 14.3% of all construction workers were women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That percentage has risen and fallen marginally over the last few years but is mainly unchanged from women's 12% share in 2013.

Please Support SMACNA's PAC

SMACNA's 2024 PAC fundraising outreach continues this month with another member-wide effort, Patriot Pledges. This vital campaign will help boost SMACPAC, SMACNA's political action committee. As you know, after our hard-fought legislative wins on Capitol Hill, we must back our champions in the House and Senate and support new, allied candidates.

SMACPAC is OUR Political Voice

SMACPAC is our political engagement tool to support the best candidates seeking election to the U.S. House and Senate who fight for our legislative policy positions.SMACPAC uses every dollar received to contribute to House and Senate races and does not give to local, state, or Presidential campaigns. SMACPAC maintains a balanced, issue-focused approach: we work to help elect Members of Congress and the Senate that support SMACNA's legislative objectives – first and foremost.

How YOU Can Engage and Support SMACPAC

Industry leaders like you understand the importance of political engagement in identifying oncoming trends to safeguard your business and bottom line.SMACNA remains proactive, recognizing that, without our efforts, competing interests and their associations will take the lead, jeopardizing critical industry policy successes. Your PAC support for our House and Senate champions is essential to our success on Capitol Hill. You can ensure that legislation - reflecting our input and endorsed by our contractors - is enacted.

How YOU Can Get Involved?

SMACPAC relies on personal contributions from generous and engaged SMACNA members like you. Contributions can be made via personal check or American Express, Mastercard, or Visa (the company name must not appear on the check or credit card).

Complete the attached form and return it to us, or log in to our secure PAC portal with the email address you use for SMACNA-related business to make your contribution online.

We invite you to join our exclusive group of PAC donors, the Congressional Insiders Club (CIC), or our large-donor Pacesetters Club.