Tool and Equipment Rental Guide and Schedule

This guidebook offers insights on contractor-owned equipment to ensure industry professionals have the most updated costs to inform internal estimating, project proposals for new and potential customers, and cost accounting efforts.   

Tool and Equipment Rental Guide Available Free to SMACNA Members

Construction tools and equipment are an essential part of any contractor’s business and can represent a significant investment. In addition to the large initial investment and the provision for eventual replacement, expenditures must be made for maintenance and repair, storage and handling, insurance, taxes, and interest. The comprehensive coverage of tools and equipment lends itself useful to a wide range of contractors who can benefit from transparent pricing. This guide includes an expanded and enhanced rates selection experience. New equipment has been added and updated list prices across multiple industries are available for equipment, such as aerial lifts, air compressors, air tools, compactors, conduits and other raceway tools, connection and splicing tools, cranes, and much more. 


 What’s New to the Tool & Equipment Rental Schedule?

As the construction industry experienced shifts in equipment availability, pricing and usage because of the pandemic, rates were impacted more dramatically in the 2021-2022 edition compared to previous versions. EquipmentWatch, the leader in data, software and insight for the heavy equipment industry, worked with MCAA, NECA and SMACNA to consolidate their most recent guides and incorporate rental rates based on shared types of equipment. The rates within the report are derived from EquipmentWatch methodologies used in the construction industry and consider purchase price, depreciation, maintenance and overhaul costs, indirect equipment costs, and average annual use hours.  

In addition to the PDF,  SMACNA members can now access our Tool and Equipment Rental Schedule via an enhanced web portal. There you can refine your search to find what you need quickly. A list of all rates is also included. Regardless of how you view them, search results can be downloaded as either a .pdf or .csv file.

What’s Included in the Tool & Equipment Rental Schedule?

These rates include an average allowance for depreciation, shop maintenance and repairs, storage, handling, insurance, taxes, interest, fuel (diesel or gasoline) and certain operating expendables such as lubrications, filters, tires, etc.

 What’s Not Included?

The rates do not include the cost of operators, electricity, or non-diesel or gasoline fuel. There is no allowance included for delivery and pick-up nor for field repairs other than routine maintenance such as lubricating or adjusting.

 Basis of Rates

The rates in this schedule are based upon average initial purchase prices, ownership expenses and use periods. The experience records and schedules of individual contractors as well as the schedules and practices of equipment rental dealers were reviewed. The rates are necessarily averages and based on average costs and normal use.

 How to Use the Rates

These rates are based upon the contractor furnishing the complete tools and equipment for an entire job. They are not intended for casual rentals. Equipment rates are shown on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.