Deadline Approaching for 2024 SMACNA Safety Awards

June 1 is the final day that applications will be accepted for the Safety Achievement Awards and the Safety Innovator of the Year Award.

Time is running out to participate in the revamped SMACNA safety survey and safety awards program!

For contractors to be considered for awards, they must complete the 2024 Safety Survey. Data collected by the survey allows fellow contractors to compare their performance to their peers. In addition, SMACNA Chapters are eligible for a Safety Survey Participation Award. Chapters that achieve 80 percent of their members submitting the SMACNA Safety Survey will be recognized with certificates and in SMACNA publications. This award does not require an application. SMACNA’s Safety Director will review survey submissions to determine winners.

There are three awards for SMACNA member contractors to apply for two Safety Achievement Awards and the Safety Innovator of the Year Award. Members who win Safety Achievement Awards will receive certificates from SMACNA and recognition at the Convention and in SMACNA publications. The Safety Innovator of the Year winner will receive a trophy at the SMACNA Annual convention, be featured in SMACNA publications, participate in a podcast, and receive a $5,000 donation to the charity of their choice, generously sponsored by our Premier Partners, Milwaukee Tool, and Federated Insurance. 

Take a moment to complete the 2024 SMACNA Safety Survey and learn more about the Safety Achievement Awards and the Safety Innovator of the Year Award