Maximize Your ROI with the New D-Max 2.0 Titan

This workhouse model replaces the existing D-Max 1.6E and the D-Max 2.0E for a more powerful tubeformer, offering both high-speed and heavy gauge capacities.

ISM Machinery proudly announces the D-Max 2.0 Titan, a new machine in the D-Max Tubeformer series. The new D-Max 2.0 Titan replaces the existing D-Max 1.6E and the D-Max 2.0E for a more powerful tubeformer

The Titan is the ISM Machinery workhouse model that combines the benefits and features of the D-Max 1.6E and the D-Max 2.0E, offering both high-speed and heavy gauge capacities. The Titan can produce spiral pipe from 28-14 gauge thickness with maximum speeds of 287-344 ft/min depending on gauge and has a dimeter range from 3”-100”.

The D-Max 2.0 Titan is a revolutionary spiral tubeformer that is not only one of the most compact machines on the market, but also one of the most efficient. Powered by a frequency drive electric motor, the D-Max 2.0 Titan runs quietly, while reliably producing smooth, high-quality spiral pipe.

High Speed Capacity:

  • 28-16 gauge (0.016 – 0.065”) galv. steel
  • 28-20 gauge (0.016 – 0.040”) stainless steel
  • At speeds up to 344 FPM

Heavy Gauge Capacity:

  • 14 gauge (0.066 – 0.079”) galv. steel
  • 18 gauge (0.041 – 0.050”) stainless steel
  • At speeds up to 287 FPM

One of the smallest fully automatic footprints in the industry, it’s compact size does not sacrifice speed, power, or technology. The innovative Spiral Smart Technology (SST) incorporates a precise length-cutting system with efficient self-diagnostics and operator set-up requirements.

On-the-fly slitting device delivers an accurate, quiet cut that eliminates burrs, sparks, and excessive saw noise for tubes of a minimum 4” diameter and maximum material thickness of 20 gauge. While the compact design allows for trailer-mounting, easy transport to job site, and installation into the tightest of workplaces.

This product is proudly made in the USA.

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