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Discover Seamless Family Management with Pi Family Explorer!

Pi Family Explorer helps you organize your Revit family libraries and access required content effortlessly.

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Pi Family Explorer is a user-friendly and practical plugin compatible with Revit versions 2019-2024. From storing and managing your database to getting authentic Revit families, Pi Family Explorer is your one-stop solution for Revit content and management needs.

The tool lets you upload your Revit family libraries and organize them conveniently so you can find the content you need in a flash. It enables you to edit and sync your database and even create one on the platform itself. It also provides the flexibility to search particular libraries, families, and parameters.

The best part is that everything is stored on the cloud, so your Revit file and computer feel lighter. We also have a public library equipped with compact and manufacturer-based Revit families created by Pinnacle. This all-in-one solution has helped save VDC professionals 20% of hours spent on Revit content management.

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