January 2023


Conducting Annual Safety Checkups

Day to day life at your business shouldn’t be risky or dangerous — you want to create a safe, clean space for your employees and clients. Take a close look at your business. Is it up to par in terms of general safety, cleanliness, and functionality?


Forget the Glue Mess!

Johns Manville introduces LinacouSTIC® RC-IG , the first premium, flexible, fiberglass duct liner with a non-toxic, water-reactivated adhesive layer for easier, cleaner, and quicker duct liner installation on sheet metal.

The DM32X: Retrotec’s New Gauge Released!

Retrotec’s most advanced digital manometer is now available! Meet the DM32X: air tightness testing and building diagnostics will never be the same again. This refreshing new testing experience will open new doors and extend your diagnostic abilities.


The Titus Return Canopy

With an easy-to-install covering over the back of return air grilles in the ceiling plenum space, this new product ensures that conversations taking place within a private office or conference room can remain private.

Top 10 OSHA Violations for 2022

OSHA continues to cite the same safety violations year after year making it continually important to follow and comply with workplace safety standards. Learn the facts, trends, and statistics around most frequent violations.