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Airoverse Tailored Building Automation Systems

Airoverse indoor air quality sensors are designed to meet the growing demand for smarter, energy-efficient and healthier environments in commercial spaces.

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Airoverse, the newest of DMI Companies’ business units, now offers Building Automation Systems (BAS) and indoor air quality sensors designed to meet the growing demand for smarter, energy-efficient, and healthier environments in commercial spaces.

Offering a user-friendly, cloud-based platform for monitoring and controlling buildings on-site or remotely, this innovative solution leverages a robust suite of sensors, controllers, and sophisticated algorithms to seamlessly manage any commercial building’s needs. Airoverse’s ability to predict conditions and proactively adjust building systems ensures optimal performance and significant cost savings, making building management more efficient and convenient.

Airoverse is committed to transforming commercial spaces to meet modern sustainability practices. Using advanced control technologies and strategic partnerships, Airoverse will create custom, expandable, and smarter spaces for users to optimize indoor air quality (IAQ), energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.

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