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Are You Ready for The Great Expiry

Prepare for a surge in prequalification renewals as over 70% are due to expire. Prequalify in bulk by updating your COMPASS 1Form to qualify for all future project over the next 12 months.

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Bespoke Metrics has revolutionized the prequalification experience for SMACNA contractors, aiming to tackle form fatigue, enhance data privacy, and foster better feedback and transparency.

In today's uncertain climate, effective subcontractor risk management is vital for upholding the integrity of the construction supply chain. With The Great Expiry underway, the majority of subcontractors face the task of renewing multiple prequalifications to meet contract requirements and secure future bidding opportunities. By leveraging the services offered by COMPASS, SMACNA contractors can streamline this process, injecting much-needed efficiency into the industry.

Unique to COMPASS, subcontractors update their information once per year through their standard 1Form to satisfy all data requests securely and efficiently.

During The Great Expiry, COMPASS aims to detach prequalification timelines from project kickoff, reducing the risk of rush prequals, which are prone to errors and misrepresentation. By taking a proactive approach, COMPASS offers verification services and feedback to ensure you put your best foot forward prior to review.

In this industry where there is a race to the bottom, prequalification not only ensures all parties on the job site are capable of meeting contract obligations, but promotes quality-based selection, which further protects margins and interests. While there is a cost for COMPASS, prequalification benefits the industry, and the responsibility and costs should be proportionately shared across the supply chain.

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