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FallTech® FT-One™ Premium Body Harness: Total Comfort for the Toughest Jobs

This ultimate full body harness provides total comfort for the toughest jobs and is designed to enhance your workday with comfort and efficiency.

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The FT-One is the ultimate full body harness designed to enhance your workday with comfort and efficiency. Avoid the soreness, chafing, and pinching caused by lesser harnesses. What you get is ergonomic comfort, light weight and infinite adjustability, all in one state-of-the-art harness.


Cushioned Shoulder Pads
Abrasion-resistant shoulder panels increase durability on the outside, while gel inserts ensure comfort on the inside.

Comfort Legs™ Straps
Lateral leg straps wrap comfortably around your thighs and away from sensitive pressure points.

ArrowGrip™ Plate
Unique slip-resistant design enhances safety by keeping your D-ring positioned properly.

Emergency Support Straps
Easy-release Trauma Relief Packs deploy quickly should you experience a fall. Their design minimizes the effect of being suspended while awaiting rescue.

Modular Belt System™
Multiple lacing points let you custom-adjust tool bag positions, and our advanced gel materials and perforated padding add to your work comfort.

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