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Precise Movement, Maximum Efficiency with the XLP

LGH can transform your equipment moving and installation process with the Hydra-Slide XLP Skidding System. Designed for precision and control, this system is perfect for moving sheet metal and HVAC components.

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Experience unparalleled efficiency and precision with the Hydra-Slide XLP Skidding System, now available for rent at LGH. This advanced system is specifically engineered for the horizontal movement of heavy loads, making it ideal for your delicate machinery moves, large transformer installations, and sensitive equipment handling projects.

The XLP Skidding System’s low-profile design enhances stability and safety by keeping loads close to the ground. Its innovative ratchet track system facilitates automatic resetting of the cylinders for continuous push cycles, streamlining operations and significantly reducing labor costs. With a high friction coefficient on the tracks, you gain controlled movement, minimizing the risk of uncontrolled motion during critical operations.

Contractors can choose between the versatile XLP30 and XLP150 models. The XLP30 is ideal for smaller, precise moves up to 30 tons. This is perfect for tasks like HVAC installations and machinery relocations. For larger scale operations, the XLP150 can handle up to 250 tons, making it suitable for moving generators and other large loads.

Rent the Hydra-Slide XLP Skidding System from LGH and conquer your moving operations. With expert service and live support, LGH is your partner in success!

Contact us today to see how the XLP System can revolutionize your operations, reduce downtime, and ensure utmost safety and precision in every move.




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