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Redefining Hydraulic Solutions for Construction Professionals

Hilti’s portfolio of cordless hydraulics tools can bring contractors of all experience levels a more efficient work environment.

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When we think of hydraulic-powered tools, it’s often their pain points that first come to mind. To try and combat supply chain limitations and lengthy repair times that come with hydraulic use, organizations will often over-purchase tools to ensure they can have equipment on standby when inevitable maintenance needs arise.

While seemingly maximizing operations, over-inflated tool cribs still require extensive time, labor and monetary investments to coordinate. But, with Hilti’s connected tool services, contractors can swap high, up-front investments for enhanced operational benefits, including:

  • On-demand access to the latest tools, jaws, rings, actuators and other accessories
  • White-glove tool services, including detailed diagnostics, precise repairs, and free tool inspections
  • Ability to reduce overhead caused by ineffective equipment purchasing 
  • Predictable maintenance costs with a flat, monthly rate that covers tool repairs and upkeep
  • Expedited repair times and complimentary replacement tools to help minimize downtime

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