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Streamlining Success: Superior Duct Fabrication's CAM Transformation with Stratus

Implementing new technology can be a daunting task, but for Superior Duct Fabrication, it was a transformative step towards unparalleled efficiency.

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We are excited to share how SMACNA Member, Superior Duct Fabrication successfully completed the first phase of integrating Stratus into their CAM department. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the remarkable improvements that have streamlined their workflow and boosted productivity.

The Old Workflow: A Manual Marathon 
Before integrating Stratus, their process was cumbersome and time-consuming. The steps involved in publishing work from CAMduct were numerous and prone to delays. Here’s a snapshot of their old workflow:

  • Completing work in CAMduct.
  • Notifying a team member that the work was ready to publish.
  • Opening AutoCAD.
  • Opening the MAJ file.
  • Saving the MAJ file as a DWG (while often dealing with freezing issues).
  • Selecting the visible layers.
  • Saving the job.
  • Finally, publishing.

This manual sequence was inefficient and made it clear that their team would struggle to scale effectively. They needed a solution that would streamline these steps and eliminate unnecessary delays.

The Stratus Solution: Efficiency Unleashed
Superior is one of the largest fabricators in the country. They often fabricate for contractors who do not have their own facilities or for ones who need extra capacity. For these contractors, who mainly use Revit design, they frequently handle their MAJ files, and they also manage call-ins.  They wanted a method to input this information into CAM and publish it into Stratus

With our innovative CAMduct publish feature, Superior Duct Fabrication transformed their workflow into a model of efficiency. Now, their new process is remarkably simple:

  • Go to Add-ins and select Publish.

The seamless integration has reduced the time required for each publish/order by at least 10 minutes. Considering they handle over 100 orders a day; the time savings are exponential.

The Results: Time Saved and Productivity Boosted
With Stratus's CAM/EST publisher - their publishing process is now quicker and more efficient. The time saved is significant:

Old Process: Multiple manual steps, frequent delays.
New Process: One streamlined step.

The impact is clear. What used to take longer than making a cup of coffee or posting on LinkedIn now happens in a flash. 

"Implementing Stratus has been a game-changer for our CAM department. The streamlined process not only saves time but also enhances our ability to scale operations effectively. " - Kha-Mei Bartolome, PM at Superior Duct Fabrication

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