NO MORE WINGNUTS on Your Dampers

Wingnuts rattle loose, throw off the air balance and waste energy. In this video, Tony explains Rossi’s patented solutions to these problems. 

Article content provided by Rossi.

In this video, Tony from Rossi takes a look at how all Rossi regulators eliminate wingnuts and ensure your air system stays balanced. He walks through the unique advantages of the Everlock and Twistlock regulators.

What makes Rossi’s patented solutions so disruptive? Prior to Rossi, the air balancing industry was centered around the WINGNUT. A wingnut tightens down to hold an air balancing regulator in position.

Or so you would hope. As air passes through the system, tiny vibrations in the air duct cause wingnuts to rattle loose in no time. This causes the damper blade inside the duct to just flop around in the air current. There goes your air balance. It’s totally thrown off. And with this loosening comes that annoying rattling sound.

Your customers may have complained about it or you may have heard that rattle above the ceiling. Get your free samples at and see how you can save money & energy by making the switch to Rossi damper hardware in your duct shop. 

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Rossi has been innovating HVAC duct hardware for 30 years. Our mission today is to eliminate wingnut dampers and jiffy blades which rattle loose and throw off your air balance.