Improve HVAC Duct and Fittings Shop Floor Layout for Maximum Productivity

The corner insertion process creates bottlenecks that impede productivity and block the flow throughout the fabrication shop. For many, the corner insertion for fittings is a manual process, which impedes production speed, capacity, and flow, but also takes up a large footprint of the floor.

Iowa Precision created the ideal solution for automating TDC and TDF corner insertion into fittings. The Cornermatic Plus® can help fabricators streamline the corner insertion process through automation and improve shop flow.

If you’re ready to learn more about improving your shop flow with the Cornermatic Plus®, watch our shop flow video below.

The Cornermatic Plus® gives all users the following benefits:

  • Time Saving: No switches or foot pedals, simply push the fitting in and it does the rest
  • Fully Automated: Ability to complete eight corner inserts in 20 seconds in 16-26 gauge
  • Improved Shop Flow:  Decreases footsteps and improves production with up to 80 ducts an hour

Learn more about how the Cornermatic Plus® and how it can improve your show flow.


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