Order Components from Blueprints with BuildCentrix

BuildCentrix has just launched the ability to upload blueprints/plans, allowing field workers to create fabrication-ready, 3D orders directly from blueprints, saving time and cost, and reducing user error.

Article content provided by BuildCentrix.

Save time and increase productivity with a new functionality module from BuildCentrix (BCX) that allows forepersons to upload and scale blueprints directly into the BCX assembly ordering tool.

“You’ll see paper engineered project plans on any jobsite,” says James Beveridge, CEO of BuildCentrix. “Sheet metal trade contractors still need to take the information on the plans and turn it into fabrication-ready parts and pieces that meet SMACNA requirements.”

With the new functionality, users simply upload the blueprint and overlay the fittings to create fabrication-ready 3D orders. Once submitted, the orders integrate into all leading CAM programs and are sent directly to production equipment.

“The content they order will match the company’s manufacturing standards specified in BCX’s database and provide the person ordering with the assembly’s weight and price,” Beveridge says. “This eliminates the extra step of manually inputting the assembly specifications into the BCX system from the paper documents, which means a faster, more productive process and less likelihood of user error.”

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