Quick and Accurate Estimating with FastDUCT Software

FastDUCT and FastPIPE lead to accurate, quick bids every time. This state-of-the-art mechanical estimating software puts you ahead of the curve and keeps you there.

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FastEST continually stays ahead of the curve in software technology. Since 1995, FastEST has provided contractors with fast, accurate and effective software to streamline their estimating process.  Manual counting and takeoffs are now easily done right on your computer screen, with quick and easy highlighting of piping and ductwork. Auto-connecting pipe and duct makes takeoff from fitting to fitting a breeze.

An integrated database of material costs and labor hours allows you to scratch the extra step of taking off your final quantity counts and transposing them to a separate pricing/labor sheet. In FastDUCT and FastPIPE, it’s as simple as the click of the Recalculate button, and in a few seconds, you have a full quantified material cost and labor hour total for any given bid. Then, send it to the final spreadsheet to quickly add any other costs, and tack on the necessary markup on the estimate. It’s as simple as that.

The FastEST program database has always been a proprietary, in-house format that we developed over 25 years ago. It is not SQL-based, which results in much-improved performance as compared to other competing estimating products. Especially as contractor companies continue to move towards networked and cloud-based environments, our fast and easy catalog format yields excellent performance over these shared environments.

 As always, one of FastEST’s most beneficial tools is the ability to directly import digital project plans right into the program, for fast and easy on-screen takeoffs. We continue to fine-tune and improve on all on-screen related takeoff tools, including the ability to import a wide variety of file formats (including PDF, TIF, JPEG, and BMP, among others), easy plan replacement, plan overlay for comparisons, and much more.

To find out more about FastEST, and how they’ve helped thousands of HVAC and mechanical contractors improve their estimating process, visit the FastEST website. You can watch videos of the latest and greatest program versions in action. You can also contact FastEST at 800-828-7108.

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