Knauf Atmosphere® Duct Liner & Duct Wrap

Both are now available in R-12 and have been Developed for single-layer applications to meet HVAC Zone 5-8 building code requirements.

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Knauf Insulation currently has multiple solutions for R-12 applications that include:


  • Atmosphere Duct Wrap
  • Earthwool Insulation Board
  • Atmosphere Rigid Plenum Liner
  • Atmosphere Duct Liner


  • Atmosphere Duct Wrap
  • Earthwool Pipe and Tank
  • KwikFlex Pipe and Tank*

So why choose Knauf Insulation?

  • Validated to be formaldehyde-free*
  • Minimum of 50% recycled content


  • Only duct liner tested to UL 2824 Mold Resistance
  • 3" fiberglass insulation with glass veil on air stream surface


  • 4 1⁄2" thick with FSK facing

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*KwikFlex Pipe and Tank Insulation is not validated to be formaldehyde-free.

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