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Labor-Saving Duct Hanging – 60% Faster Installation

Save time and money with HVAC cable suspension from Griplock Systems. These suspension systems have been verified by the Testing & Research Institute.

Article content provided by Griplock Systems.

The Testing & Research Institute has verified the Griplock® HVAC cable suspension system for hanging ductwork.  With its cutting-edge features and unparalleled benefits, the Griplock Cable Suspension System has emerged as a game-changer in the field, outperforming traditional duct hanger systems in numerous ways.

The heart of this innovation lies in its ingenious design, which harnesses the power of high-strength cables and advanced cable grippers to create a supremely secure method for suspending HVAC ducts and equipment. The result? Unmatched stability and safety that meet the rigorous standards of the industry. With its user-friendly installation procedure, even complex installations can be completed with ease. The added ability to quickly level ducting further cements Griplock's reputation as the go-to choice for installers seeking efficiency without compromise.

By replacing outdated conventional hangers, the Griplock system introduces a higher level of flexibility when it comes to duct layout. This flexibility not only allows for more creative configurations but also streamlines the installation process, leading to a significant reduction in both labor and material costs. In one case study, a South Carolina HVAC company incorporated the Looping Gripper for Spiral ductwork and saved 60% on their installation time.

Experience the future of HVAC ductwork suspension and see how Griplock Systems is reshaping the landscape of ductwork suspension, ensuring safer, more cost-effective, and highly adaptable solutions for the industry.

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