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Produce Finished HVAC Duct with Less Chance for Leaks

Pro-Fabriduct® produces a better product while reducing your postproduction labor costs – that’s a competitive advantage you can take to the bank.

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The Pro-Fabriduct Full Coil Line® from Iowa Precision is the most advanced complete coil line in the HVAC industry today. The line leverages footprint, speed, and production rates along with tolerances that no other HVAC coil line can match. And now, the Pro-Fabriduct Full Coil Line produces duct with a full-width longitudinal seam which significantly reduces the chances of leakage in the transverse joint (up to 25%).

With the Pro-Fabriduct Full Coil Line®, you can produce a better product (one with tangible benefits for your customers) while reducing your postproduction labor costs - that’s a competitive advantage you can take to the bank.

Full-Width Longitudinal Seam Production: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Most HVAC duct leakage occurs at the notch hole that is produced at the top and bottom of the longitudinal seams of a duct section, at the transverse duct flange which is connected to the fan or the unit. The Iowa Precision Pro-Fabriduct Full Coil Line has undergone a combination of modifications to the processor, transfer system, and hydraulic servo wrap brake that allow it to produce a full-engagement longitudinal seam which allows you to deliver a finished duct with substantially less chances of leakage in the corners of the duct’s transverse joint.

Full-Width Longitudinal Seam Production can substantially reduce the chance of leakage with a greater deliverable thereby producing greater output with less input creating less chance of human error. The Full-Width Longitudinal Seam Production is applicable to our 5’ line, with 4’ or 5’ stock, and can be either Large-Pittsburgh and Small-Pittsburgh or Large-Pittsburgh and Snaplock.

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