SMACNews March/April 2023

Volume 57, Number 2

Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Architectural Metals

Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Architectural Metals

Zahner talks about how the Life Cycle Assessment accounts for the environmental impact of metal material from its initial extraction through manufacture and use and on to the end of its designed useful life.


The Challenges With Manning Megaprojects

With the pandemic entering a new phase, construction has boomed with what are now widely known as “megaprojects.” Every day, it feels like there’s a new stadium, microprocessor factory or some other massive project getting underway. The demand for this type of construction is quite real. 

May 16 2023

Top Contractor Strategies for 2023, Part 2

In the last issue of SMACNews, I presented the first five of Grassi’s Top 10 Contractor Strategies for 2023. Those approaches to purchasing, procurement, prequalification, increased costs and project management are designed to cut through the noise of today’s disruptive market and help contractors chart a confident course through this new year.