SMACNews Nov/Dec 2020

Volume 54 Number 6

Mitigating COVID-19 in School HVAC Systems Comes With Learning Curve

Mitigating COVID-19 in School HVAC Systems

With an air-borne virus threatening lives around the world, indoor air quality in schools is under closer scrutiny than ever before.

SMACNews Dec 01 2020

Capitol Hill Update: Composite Plans and Pension Relief Negotiations Falter

Bipartisan agreement on pension relief, along with authorization of Composite Plans, could not be reached in time to be included in the final bills of this session of Congress.


President's Column: Understanding What Matters

Angie Simon discusses what matters at her midway point of an extended tenure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Canadian Contractors Prevail Amid COVID-19

Just as the global pandemic has caused massive disruptions in daily life and the economy of the United States, COVID-19 hasn’t spared our neighbors to the north, either.


Construction Tech Trends: 2020 Year in Review and Predictions for 2021

Here is a short look at the most important tech trends that came out of this volatile year and will continue to impact SMACNA contractors.


Cash Flow Forecasting: A Powerful Tool in Your COVID-19 Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a wave of changes to the construction industry — some temporary, some permanent. The 2020 job site shutdowns had wide-ranging effects on construction contractors’ financial positions.


The Hard Work: Start with Culture

In our last column, we talked about the harder work of leadership. All aspects of leading a team or organization are tough. Particularly during this difficult time, our full attention might be drawn to the urgent and immediate.