New SMACNA Member Management Upgrade Coming Soon

SMACNA’s new association management system brings innovation and relevance to boost the member experience. 

SMACNA will soon launch a new association management system that brings several benefits for its members. By transitioning to Oracle NetSuite, the organization is upgrading to a robust CRM (customer relationship management) system used by Fortune 500 companies. This upgrade promises to enhance member service and management, ensuring timely and relevant deliverables. With this new system, members can expect improved communication, connected elements and an overall enhanced member experience.

Joye Blanscett, SMACNA’s executive director of operations, who heads up the project explains the goals of the upgrade. “A new CRM can gather more detailed member data, such as service offerings and number of employees,” she says. “This data helps us better represent members and from a legislative or labor standpoint will allow us to better represent our membership on important issues.” 

The association is also trying to get a better understanding of the people in member companies who fill functional roles, such as safety or human resources directors, so they can communicate relevant updates to the right teams.  “It’s also important to note that we don’t sell or make individual company’s information public,” Blanscett adds. “Information is aggregated and de-identified when shared and always used only for direct member benefits.”

The entire goal is to streamline and improve communication and workflow processes to increase SMACNA’s ability to meet and exceed member needs. 

What Members Can Expect
Members can expect some changes with the new association management system. The system has a fresh look and feel, but, rest assured, “your business information and previously purchased materials will still be easily accessible,” Blanscett says. “You will be prompted to update your password for enhanced security.” 
Additionally, the new system offers more flexibility in subscribing to updates from SMACNA, allowing members to choose exactly what you want to receive. 
Overall, “the new system allows our staff to better serve members with better knowledge,” Blanscett explains. “It makes it possible for us to serve them faster.”  

If you have any questions, dedicated staff members will be ready to help members navigate this transition. Contact 703-803-2991 or