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Updated Contracts Bulletins Help Contractors Mitigate Risks

SMACNA’s updated contractor bulletins are designed to help members mitigate risks as pricing spikes and material shortages continue to impact their businesses. Shifting the Risk of Rising Material Costs; Force Majeure Provisions – Covid 19; and Force Majeure – A Clause for Our Times contain useful information to help contractors determine the language they should include in new contracts to protect themselves against unforeseen risks.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 03 2021

Contracts Bulletin #118 (2.0) : Force Majeure Provisions: COVID-19

Updated June, 2021. Over the last year, many industries have experienced supply delays and workforce shortages resulting from the spread of COVID-19. The construction industry certainly was not immune to these issues. The current situation serves as a good reminder to review and understand contract provisions that cover unforeseen construction delays.