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SMACNews Jun 29 2021

Choosing the Right Metal for Architectural Design

Stainless steel will never corrode or rust. Aluminum is too expensive for many applications. And zinc is quick to deteriorate. L. William “Bill” Zahner III said those beliefs are common among architects and designers in the architectural metals industry. They’re also wrong. 

Contractor Operations Manual Apr 01 2021

Presentation Skills for Contractors

This update provides guidelines and tools that enable contractors and their employees to become better presenters. In years past, effective presentation skills were considered important only to executives or those in the business development arena. This is no longer the case. The need for strong presentation skills applies to anyone who must present information to another individual or group. Effective presentation skills are now considered a core competency.

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Webinar Oct 15 2020

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Turning Field Obstacles into Opportunities

Supervisors and field leaders are constantly faced with field obstacles that prevent them from being successful and profitable. This EDGE Conference session offered extremely valuable insights to help you work towards mitigating, and eventually, eliminating these challenges.

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SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual

This session highlights the SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual – Guidelines For Mechanical Systems 3rd Edition (ANSI) means and methods for seismically bracing ducts and pipes to meet the requirements of the regionally appropriate seismic hazard levels so that ducts/pipes are more likely to maintain their integrity and remain attached to the building’s structure during a seismic event.

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HVAC Air Duct Leakage

This webinar presentation on duct air leakage will define what duct air leakage is and how it relates to equipment air leakage, accessory air leakage, and HVAC system air leakage.  Discussion about duct air leakage with respect to various codes and LEED® will be covered as well as common misconceptions and myths. 


Supervisor Training Academy

Covers leadership, communication, productivity, profitability, measurement and industry trends, and other topics relevant to supervisors, foremen, superintendents and other critical managers.


SMACNA Bubble DVD Destroys Design Myths

The Bubble Video—so called because it uses helium-filled bubbles to visually illustrate airflow through a duct system that is fitted with a clear plastic side—has been revised in modern digital video format. The new video is available on DVD. A number of duct fittings are used to illustrate airflow movement variations through a duct system. The video also references both the SMACNA HVAC Systems Duct Design and HVAC Duct Construction Standard to tie actual airflow performance to the “flat” drawings and commentary within both manuals. The video is intended as an educational tool for designers and engineers to illustrate how good duct design and careful planning to avoid conflicts can be used to improve airflow and reduce one of the largest energy users in commercial-class buildings—HVAC system fan power. The running time for the video is 15 minutes.

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