AI for Packing Slips and Receipts

Save an average of 15-30 mins for each order by eliminating manual processing and data entry and save 5-10% in material costs by automatically catching discrepancies between what was ordered and received.

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Field Materials, a leading AI software to control and verify construction equipment and material spending, launched new AI capabilities to read and interpret vendor packing slips and receipts.

Processing packing slips and receipts today is laborious because it requires tedious manual data entry. Slips and receipts are collected at the job site and brought to the office to be scanned and manually recorded in the accounting software.

Some field staff manually email a photo of each packing slip or receipt to the office staff who would then manually enter them into the accounting software. Between the field and the office, processing each packing slip and receipt takes 15-30 mins. In addition to the time spent on data entry, contractors spend a lot of time verifying these documents against their corresponding purchase orders and invoices.

Field Materials provides a simple solution to both the field and the office staff. Using a mobile app, the field staff simply take a photo of packing slips or receipts. The software’s AI reads each document, automatically verifies the received quantities against the ordered quantities, and eliminates over 90% of the manual data entry for the office staff.

The mobile app eliminates the need for contractors to handle and scan paperwork and makes rogue spending (orders without POs) more visible and easy to control. See a demo.

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