EZ-R Phenolic Lined Duct

Sheet Metal Connectors now offers EZ-R phenolic lined metal ductwork, which is easier to install and simpler to handle than traditional 3" double-wall insulated sheet metal and comes pre-insulated, fully assembled, and ready to install.

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Ready to install in your indoor and outdoor applications, EZ-R Duct has high thermal resistance values and closed-cell insulation. EZ-R duct is available in R-8, R-12, R-16, and R-20 to meet your specification. EZ-R duct and fittings combine two proven and familiar products to create a superior high R-value lined duct option.

Made from standard galvanized sheet metal with TDC connections and constructed to SMACNA 2020 Duct Construction Standards, EZ-R Duct is then lined with Kingspan Koolduct liner and mechanically fastened and sealed. EZ-R can also be constructed with any of the other material options SMC has to offer including: paint grip, stainless steel, aluminum, polyvinyl coated, and G-90.

Phenolic Duct Insulation That’s Convenient, Efficient, and Affordable, EZ-R Duct weighs significantly less than double-wall insulated sheet metal and achieves a higher R-Value in less space. R-12 phenolic panels are only 1.75" thick compared to 3" for R-12 fiberglass liner. With its high R values, virtually no air leakage, lightweight convenience, and shorter installation time, EZ-R is a good choice for a range of indoor and outdoor air distribution applications, especially budget-minded rooftop ductwork.

EZ-R Duct is suitable for new and retrofit commercial, light industrial and institutional projects, and reduces air-leakage rates to a fraction of standard rectangular sheet metal ductwork. It is significant in three key areas: cutting costs, slashing energy use and trimming operational carbon dioxide emissions.

SMC has applied its 50+ years of fabrication experience to the phenolic duct market. With our new processes and equipment, we can  fabricate high-quality EZ-R phenolic lined duct and custom fittings at an extremely reasonable cost compared to other systems. 

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