Pelles Introduces an AI Platform to Simplify Preconstruction

Boost confidence, save serious time, and win more projects with an AI platform designed to optimize MEP workflows. It is fully customizable to meet your unique requirements.

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Facing increasingly complex projects, lengthier bid packages, or intensified competition with limited preconstruction time?, a cutting-edge technology firm, is dedicated to streamlining and accelerating precon processes for MEP contractors.

The cloud-based platform utilizes generative AI to get all the information you need, work better with your documents, handle missing information, and avoid costly mistakes.

Explore the benefits of our Prime Partners Program—an elite, limited-access group of MEP contractors committed to leveraging advanced technology to simplify preconstruction activities.

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Have a question for Contact here. leverages Generative AI to simplify preconstruction for MEP subs. With the Pelles platform, users work better with their construction documents. It boosts their confidence, saves time, and helps them win more projects.