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Evergreen Telemetry’s lightweight and customizable tools give the user the ability to receive continuous, real-time, wireless readings from as many as ten locations simultaneously.

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Evergreen Telemetry’s innovation continues to meet, and exceed, the needs of technicians across the country. From CFM to CO₂, our lightweight and customizable tools give the user the ability to receive continuous, real-time, wireless readings from as many as ten locations simultaneously.

The Door Pressure Tab Kit includes an over, under, and around the door probe. Multiple probes and modules can be placed in various locations while the user views the changes at his wrist, as adjustments are made. Up to 100,000 readings can be stored in the Wrist Reporter™, or the module can be connected to a laptop or PC for datalogging. All readings are date and time stamped.

We often provide solutions for unique jobs. For example, one customer needed multiple Temperature and Humidity readings from inside a large duct. The Engineering Team went to work quickly to develop a 24” T&H Probe. Within days the customer was able to complete the work. This new product led to a new temperature and humidity sensor with an on-board display (MS-T&H-1). This sensor can be used with or without a Wrist Reporter™ and is interchangeable with all existing temperature and humidity probes, including the surface, immersion, as well as the new 5”, 12” and 24” T&H Probes.

We have also developed custom skirts and frames for unusual grille sizes, or to accommodate for permanent furniture or fixtures. With some general information about the possible issue, we will work with you to develop a solution. Custom skirts have varied from a 2x2’ Short Skirt for above a permanent cabinet, to a 4x4’ Skirt and Frame.

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Evergreen Telemetry’s patented Wrist ReporterTM displays real-time results from as many as ten wireless sensors, continuously. One meter for Air and Water Pressure, Velocity, Flow, Temperature, Humidity, and CO2. Applications include airflow, room pressure, hydronic testing and datalogging. This high-productivity instrument makes TAB and Cx Faster, Easier, and Safer.