The Most Precise Plasma Cutting System for Sheet Metal

Renowned for its design and CAD to CAM solution, the Lockformer VulcanPlus® Cutting System outperforms other HVAC plasma cutting systems with its unrivaled quality, performance, and value.

Lockformer has created the VulcanPlus® with high quality materials and American standards providing a cutting system that can handle tough shop environments with the fastest cutting, positioning, and traversing times in the industry. Built with a small compact unitized table to handle long working hours with less mechanical wear and tear items to replace, the VulcanPlus® is the optimal solution for cutting duct and fittings.

  • Up to 3000 IPM cutting, positioning, and traversing speeds — the fastest in the industry
  • Capacity of 3/8″ and 1/2″ mild steel
  • Small, unitized table with less mechanical wear and tear items to replace
  • B&R True Machine Tool Touch Screen Controller built for demanding industrial duty applications
  • Analytical data provided via Trimble Fab Shop Software
  • Capabilities of having a complete set of Fab Shop Software at the control itself
  • Remote self-diagnostics built into the control system

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