BioCoat: An Innovative Multi-Purpose Coating

Read about how BioCoat, the multi-purpose coating, can be used as a full coverage coating within the duct system.

Article content provided by CL Ward.

BioCoat has a revolutionary biocide package that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and yeast within duct systems while addressing IAQ concerns. Additionally, BioCoat’s formula offers superb water resistance in order to protect against water penetration, a common catalyst for mold growth.

BioCoat’s consistency makes it thin enough to be sprayed while still having the thickness to be rolled, dripped, or painted on the desired area. Its standing viscosity is twice as thick as DL Adhesive, allowing for great sag resistance - especially on the roof of the duct. Once dry, BioCoat hardens and provides a smooth finish. 

This product is compatible with polyester, fiberglass, polystyrene board, closed-cell polyethylene, and polyethylene & polyurethane foam insulation materials. BioCoat is UL Classified, Low VOC, and LEED compliant.

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