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Cheers! 30 Years of FastEST Estimating Software

Over the past three decades, FastEST has made incredible strides in improving our estimating software but our core values have kept us going. Learn more about why you should be celebrating with us!

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Over the past three decades, FastEST has made incredible strides in improving their software, but some things have remained constant.

Customer Service.
From day one, providing exceptional service to our customers has been a top priority. FastEST has always believed that happy customers are the heart and soul of our business, and it brings us immense joy to hear that our dedication to customer service is what our valued clients love most about FastEST.

Family and Employee-Owned.
FastEST Estimating Software is more than just a company; it's a family. Built on strong family values, our growth over the past 30 years has been fueled by the dedication of our first and second generations. Together with our incredible employees and customers-turned-family, we continue to serve our community with pride.

Powerful Functionality, Made Simple.
We understand that technology should empower, not hinder. Our goal, since day one, has been to help our users bid more, win more, and earn more. With our easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface, users can jump right into bidding their first job on their very first day using our software.

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