EZ Connector System from Duro Dyne

This revolutionary duct connection system can significantly reduce installation time and labor over traditional duct assembly. It is the first and only corner system on the market that allows the contractor to fasten a patented locking bolt using a cordless impact driver.

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EZ Connector TDC®/TDF® Corners feature a patented “teardrop” shaped hole that locks the bolt in place eliminating the need for a nut. They can be used in automated corner crimping machines with traditional Cornermatic® Classic, Cornermatic® Combo, and the revolutionary Cornermatic® Plus™.  Also appropriate for manual insertion, and available in Galvanized or Galvanneal.

The EZ Universal C/F Corner is a versatile corner that eliminates the need to stock multiple corners! It’s compatible with TDC and TDF connections and is designed for heavier gauge duct. The wider inside corner easily accommodates the Pittsburgh joint.

The EZ Quad Corner is compatible with Dyn-O-Mate J Flange, and most other brands of flange duct connection on the market. This corner eliminates the need to stock multiple corners. Deep dimples hold securely into flange, and stop punch ensures the perfect placement of the flange every time.

EZ Connector Bolts are patented and specifically designed for use with EZ Connector corners. It acts as an alignment tool and a locking nut during installation when used with the teardrop EZ Corner. Available in 5/16" or 9/16" drive and replaces 3/8” carriage bolt, washer and nut at the four corner connections. The washer is built into “extra high” EZ drive head.

They eliminate the use of drift-pin and clamps for corner alignment, and the spin-out feature prevents over-torquing and reduces damage to gaskets (leakage at corner reduced). 1-1/2” long version available for larger ductwork, heavier gauge, unique location, special fitting applications. 1” bolts available for faster assembly of smaller ductwork.

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