Greenheck Introduces XG-TH-500 Series Air Thermal Units

Learn more about how this single-duct ATU regulates airflow for occupant comfort.

Article content provided by Greenheck.

These zone-level air distribution devices regulate airflow for maximum occupant comfort in variable or constant volume applications. The single-duct XG-TH-500 features a galvanized steel casing mechanically sealed for low leakage construction along with a round inlet damper, an inlet flow sensor, and a rectangular outlet. Cooling only, hot water coil, and electric heat configurations can be specified.

AHRI certified, the XG-TH-500 is available in ten sizes with capacities ranging from 80 to 7,270 cfm with a full range of options and accessories including attenuators, liners, heating coils, and access doors. Pneumatic, electric, analog, or direct digital controls are also available.

Greenheck’s comprehensive air terminal unit line also includes dual duct, fan-powered, and retrofit models. The addition of air distribution products allows Greenheck to be a single-source supplier for complete ventilation systems creating safe, healthy, and comfortable spaces in commercial and institutional building projects. 

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