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New UniGrip 6 Cable Hanger has an 800lb SWL

Joining Gripple's UniGrip 2, 3, and 4 Cable Hanger family is the UniGrip 6.  The only single-channel cable fastener on the market capable of accommodating 6mm (1/4”) cable, and boasting a SWL of 800 lbs.

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The UniGrip 6 is the only single-channel cable fastener on the market capable of accommodating 6mm (1/4”) cable and boasting an 800 lb safe working load with a 5:1 safety factor, and now allows the trapezing of heavy-duty duct and multi-tier piping runs with cable hangers.  

The extended ¾” stud on the Central Exit version of the UG6 allows for the suspension of both single strut trapeze systems and back-to-back strut trapeze systems, as well as making for easy suspension of multi-tier trapeze systems. Additionally, the Side Exit version of the UG6, via its ¾” stud, can be used for suspending clevis hangers and (like all Gripple cable hangers) allows for easy tool-free height adjustments as needed with the push of a button, which can then be locked down when the installation is complete. 

Both the UniGrip 6 Fastener and UG6 Cable Hanger Kit now open the door for the trapezing of large heavy-duty ductwork and multi-tier piping runs—all with cable hangers instead of threaded rod.

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