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Raken Releases New Safety & Quality Solutions

Increase jobsite visibility and safety with managed checklists, observations, and insight dashboards. Read on to see what’s new from Raken.

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Brand new safety and quality features are here for the Raken web and mobile app. Proactively identify risks and resolve jobsite issues quickly with managed checklists, observations, and new safety dashboards and reporting tools. Combined with our toolbox talks, our family of safety and quality solutions helps contractors reduce risk, increase compliance and improve project performance.

So what’s new?

Managed checklists:
Our checklists are better and more efficient than ever. Now, you can schedule and assign checklists and send automated email reminders to make sure they’re submitted on time. You can assign to internal collaborators or external subcontractors and specify a start and end date, class and type, frequency, and location for each checklist.

You can also now add guidance to checklists, giving your team instructions to provide more information when a list item can’t be completed.

All our checklist templates have this enhanced functionality. Choose from our checklist library or customize and create your own to fit your project's needs. With Raken, you can seamlessly incorporate checklists into daily tasks, helping your crew stay consistent with safety and quality procedures.

Encourage your crew to “see something, say something” or highlight successes on the jobsite.

If employees catch a safety or quality concern, they can submit an observation at any time, assigning another crew member, subcontractor, or manager to review and address the issue. Easily capture and attach photos and videos to the observation for clarity.

Closely track the resolution process and send workflow status notifications to assigned employees and other stakeholders automatically. You can also submit positive observations. Document the quality work that your crew is completing along with any additional details to ensure you have everything in one place when you need it.

This new feature helps you proactively avoid delays and disputes. It’s another tool your employees can use to monitor work in progress and document what the jobsite looked like at specific times. Observations can be submitted on their own or added to checklists.

New safety dashboards and reporting:
See how your safety and quality strategies are performing at a glance with new safety dashboards and reporting tools.

Through visual data, quickly analyze trends and identify areas for improvement. Monitor checklist completion, observation submissions, and other safety and quality KPIs in real time.

You can also export data into professional, shareable PDF, Excel, and CSV report formats.

See Raken in action
From managed checklists to observations—and toolbox talk features you can use to schedule talks and digitally document attendance—our safety and quality solutions help contractors significantly reduce risk and improve project performance.

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