The Real Value of Reality Capture: Understanding the Business Impact for Builders

While reality capture is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the construction industry, you need to be certain about your return on investment and feel confident that your field teams will easily adopt the technology.


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To better evaluate how 360° Reality Capture can make a significant difference in your operational efficiency and competitiveness, OpenSpace has put together a whitepaper, The Real Value of Reality Capture: Understanding the Business Impact for Builders.

At the end of the whitepaper, there is a link to a customizable ROI calculator. Plug in your values and the tool will automatically calculate your potential value.

What’s inside?
Download this whitepaper to get access to the ROI calculator and to learn how reality capture can help you:

  • Reduce expenses by reducing travel, avoiding destructive investigations, and saving on insurance costs.
  • Bring greater efficiency to your projects by strengthening coordination and drastically reducing time spent on documentation compared with manual methods.
  • Achieve higher revenue by winning more projects and finishing jobs faster.

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