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Rethinking Productivity: Getting More from Your Service Team Without Burnout

Learn how a technician-turned-owner grew his contracting business from 3 techs to 55 techs.

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“Technicians like to fix equipment. If they wanted to do admin stuff like quote jobs or research parts, they’d go into the office.” — Kevin Harris

These days, contractors are trying to find ways to increase productivity when they can’t hire good techs. The skilled labor problem isn’t going away so it’s time for new ways to prioritize work, measure technician performance, and update workflows to maximize productivity.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from a technician turned owner of a mechanical contracting business who set out to build his business by focusing on technician productivity. Kevin Harris, CEO of a mechanical contracting firm in Texas started off with three technicians three years ago and now keeps 55 technicians productive with the help of great processes and technology.

You will see how to:

  • Choose the right ways to prioritize and schedule work
  • Streamline how technicians find repair opportunities while they complete planned work
  • Measure performance to earn more with the team you have today

This webinar will help owners, service managers, and lead technicians understand that productivity doesn’t only mean speed. Discover specific strategies to earn more by focusing on high-profit work to help your bottom line, retain top talent, and improve customer satisfaction.

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