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Produce Commercial Square Ductwork with Less Chance of Leakage

The Iowa Precision Pro Fabriduct with Full Width Longitudinal Seam Production can give you that opportunity.

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With the Iowa Precision Pro Fabriduct Coil Line you the contractor may be able to produce duct work with up to 25% less chance of leakage.

A recent study showed where over 4.5 Million lbs. of Commercial TDF Ductwork was installed with a stringent leak test requirement. That leak test requirement was ½ of ½ percent leakage. There were over 800 leak tests performed on this high-profile project.

The contractor who manufactured the 4.5 million lbs. passed all 800 tests and attributed a portion of the success to the new technology from the Iowa Precisions Pro Fabriduct HVAC Duct Manufacturing Line with Full Width Longitudinal Seam Production.

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